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At Excel Climate Solutions LLC, we pair our deep industry knowledge with YORK®’s superior products to deliver unparalleled HVAC solutions. Our mission is to ensure your home is the epitome of comfort and efficiency.

Benefits of side discharge

Up to 18.5 SEER2 efficiency for high-quality, efficient comfort

Footprint is 40 percent smaller compared to traditional vertical discharge units

Operating sound is 36 percent quieter; as low as 54 dBA

Safety certified by ETL and performance certified to ANSI/AHRI Standard 210/240 in 
accordance with the Unitary Small Equipment certification program

Efficient operation

Inverter-drive technology smoothly ramps up operation and continuously adjusts, avoiding spikes in energy use while helping to increase overall system longevity and reducing the homeowner’s energy bills

Available in two-, three-, four- and five-ton options to ensure a precise, effective solution for your needs.

Exact comfort

Innovative fan design creates less vibration and provides quieter operation, with sound output as low as a typical dishwasher at 54 dBA (36 percent lower sound levels than standard heat pump units)

Regulating technology maintains exact temperatures 
by operating from 35 to 100 percent capacity, matching 
the precise degree of heating required

Easier installation

40% more compact than standard heat pump units — ideal for high-density areas.

Uses simple AC thermostat for standard installation with conventional equipment and devices

No unique installation procedures required

Long line set length (up to 246 ft) for optimal configurability.

Can be placed anywhere a vertical unit can, and often 
in places vertical units can’t fit, thanks to lot placement, 
clearance and set-back flexibility (figure 1)

Designed to work with YORK variable speed or 
standard ECM indoor air handling equipment, the 
HMCG2 provides many system installation options

Quick service – Routine maintenance is faster, thanks to easier access for service checks.

Outstanding warranties – HMH7 heat pumps come standard with a 10-year Compressor Limited Warranty, a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty and available extended warranties for up to
a full system replacement (product registration required).

HMCG2 Residential Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioners
Weight (Lbs)
HMCG22B241S218.026 3/833 7/812 1/499
HMCG22B361S317.029 1/237 3/813 3/8117
HMCG22B481S416.554 5/837 3/813 3/8206
HMCG22B601S518.554 5/837 3/813 3/8207

Pair with YORK JHET high-efficiency air handler or XAF, XAU, XAH evaporator coils.

Industry-leading warranties
Product registration required.
Our network of SOURCE 1TM supply centers provides easy access to genuine, factory-authorized service parts.

801 Travis Street Suite 2101 #801 - Houston, TX 77002

Elevate Your Home Comfort with Excel Climate Solutions and YORK®

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